Bob's Basics: Composting

Bob's Basics: Composting

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The best fertilizer for your organic garden is compost. It’s easy to make, economically friendly, and teeming with nutrients. If you are not composting, you should be!

In this highly useful full-color book, Bob Flowerdew takes you through all the steps necessary to make a rich compost pile best suited to your needs. 
Composting is a highly comprehensive guide that goes over all the steps, from building a bin to collecting material to maintaining and adding to the finished product. Chapters include:
  • Why compost?
  • What happens in a compost heap?
  • What to put in compost heap?
  • What will compost and what will not?
  • What can go wrong?
  • Wormeries, snaileries, or chickens…?
  • And much more.

Be good to your garden. Be good to the environment. Compost. It’s easy and fun!

Written by Bob Flowerdew