4" Sextant in a Wooden Box

4" Sextant in a Wooden Box

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A beautiful solid, polished brass reproduction of a vintage nautical sextant housed in a solid rosewood (legally procured) box with attractive inlaid brass accents. Though not recommended for actual navigational use, it still has all lenses and movements as an authentic sextant and is an excellent piece for home decor, museum, classroom or history demonstration and nautical enthusiasts and collectors.

In its day, a sextant was used as an astronomical instrument used to determine latitude and longitude at sea by measuring angular distances, especially the altitudes of sun, moon, and stars.

• Solid, polished brass reproduction
• All functioning and moving parts (though not recommended for actual navigation)
• Rosewood (legally procured) box with brass accents
• Box measures 7"w x 6"l x 3-1/2"h; Felt-lined interior
• Hand-crafted and manufactured

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